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This is a random sample of the many reviews of David Beyersdorf’s work on the independent rating site, Avvo. We are happy to provide references in the area of your case.

Great work.
5.0 stars

Thank you David for sticking with me and not giving up on my case. I know that it was your hard work that won the day. I’ll recommend you to everyone.

An Honest Lawyer….Who Knew?
5.0 stars
Posted by Nancy

I was injured in a car accident and used David’s services. He explained the whole process and made sure I was comfortable with the settlement. It really seemed like he cared about me and my family. I’ll go back to David if I need another lawyer in the future.

Kick Ass!
5.0 stars
Posted by Cher

I got charged with a felony. Dave worked with the DA and the DA offered to reduce it to a misdemenor. Dave said not to plea and to let him keep fighting it. The day before the next hearing Dave called me and told me that the case was getting dismissed. I don’t know what you did, Dave but THANK YOU!!

Case Dismissed!
5.0 stars

I got charged with domestic violence when my girlfriend lied to the police. Dave got the case dismissed. The public defender wanted me to plead guilty!

Not afraid to go to trial
5.0 stars

He defended me when the DA and public defender tried to force me into a deal. Dave was the only one who actually listened to my side, and we won.

5.0 stars

Thanks for helping when no-one else would!

Client Review
5.0 stars

Good with dealing with the DA. Gets the job done.

Integrity, Patient, and Thorough
5.0 stars

David is a man of integrity, patience, and thoroughness. He is a mild-mannered man who always handles each client with respect but with a sharp, quick-thinking intellect that can forcefully and effectively advance the best evidence and arguments on his client’s behalf.